MultiVoice Video Conferencing

Powered by BlueJeans, cloud based video platform allows you to connect with colleagues and clients anywhere at anytime regardless of the device or platform they are using. Our video conferencing solution is scalable and enables you to collaborate more effectively with colleagues, customers, partners and suppliers on a face to face basis for a more personal approach.

Key Features


With BlueJeans, a meeting is a meeting. No more trying to decide what tool (audio, web or video) to use for your meeting. BlueJeans lets customers, partners, and suppliers, connect from whatever device they have from wherever they are. Gone are the days of testing video connections before the meeting. BlueJeans just works.


Schedule and host meetings from our intuitive web interface. Join meetings by simply clicking a link from the email invitation. Change layouts, mute participants, share content and more from the in meeting control panel. BlueJeans’ self-serve model makes video adoption a reality, not just something to hope for.

Content and Video Sharing.

Share everything from presentations, to spreadsheets and even video clips in real-time, with everyone in your meeting. BlueJeans expands the capabilities of traditional video conferences to include rich-media.


Because BlueJeans is hosted in the cloud, there are never issues meeting with people outside your organization. Expensive infrastructure, complicated configurations, firewalls and “pre-meeting practice drills” are a thing of the past with BlueJeans. And because we are built for scale, capacity is never an issue.

Scalable and Secure.

Invite up to 25 people from anywhere in the world to connect with confidence to our secure service.

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