MultiVoice Web Conferencing

Web conferencing allows multiple meeting participants to communicate live over the Internet, sharing audio and visual data in real time.

Key Features

  • Share PowerPoint slides, videos and other software applications to an unlimited audience simultaneously and instantly
  • Interact easily with your audience through polls, chat functions and other features without leaving your desk
  • Easily accessible to all users - all that’s needed is a computer with a web browser and access to the Internet

MultiVoice Web Conferencing uses a number of the world’s most trusted web conferencing services to provide reliable, flexible and easy to use bespoke communication solutions. Whether you need to deliver a presentation with a supporting slide show or facilitate a web based conference call, MultiVoice Web Conferencing suite of products and tools will ensure your call succeeds.

Cisco Webex

Cisco WebEx Meeting Visuals, powered by WebEx allows users, via the Internet to meet online, share PowerPoint presentations, demonstrate software or whatever is needed to increase the productivity of your conference call.

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