MultiVoice Legal Conferencing

Effective, efficient and easy to use conferencing is of vital importance in the Legal Sector, as is the ability to bill calls back to clients and use this channel to generate revenue. ComXo MultiVoice facilitates high quality, reliable and secure conferences, providing complete peace of mind that your most important clients matters won’t be compromised.

Key Features


Never miss a re-billing opportunity again. Our live billing system not only publishes costs in real time but also allows for seamless integration with your case management system, removing administrative burdens and minimising time consuming manual processes.


There is nothing more important than the confidentiality and trust between the client and their lawyer. ComXo MultiVoice offers Legal professionals a secure and trusted platform, where a range of legal specific features such as live meeting view, voice detection and automated account audits have been designed to ensure that the brand and reputation of your firm is maintained at all times.

Legal Hearings.

In conjunction with our MOJ approved partner, ComXo MultiVoice can now support Legal Telephone Hearings within its unified communication portal. This single site approach ensures that our customers have a standardised platform for all of their conferencing requirements.


Detail is key. ComXo’s transcription services ensure that you can concentrate on the call at hand, safe in the knowledge that ComXo will provide you with a written record of what was said.


Our agile approach to Legal telephone conferencing ensures that our system can match the requirements of todays firms. Whether that be case management integration for matter number validation within bookings, or integration in to your staff directory for approved users, our platform has been designed to adapt and support even the most complex of processes.